What’s Your Customer List Worth?

Do you know what your customer list is worth?

The most valuable thing in your business is your customer list.

What’s Your Customer List Worth?

Most business owners don’t know this, and most of the business owners that have heard this statement don’t believe it.

Decide for yourself…

There are hundreds if not thousands of business examples, but take a look at this relatively recent one:

Why do you think Facebook bought Instagram for like a BILLION DOLLARS?

Instagram was not making any money, and Facebook already had the developers that could build their own Instagram.

So what did Facebook pay a BILLION BUCKS for?

Instagram had 30 million users at that time…

Facebook wanted that customer list, and it was worth a billion dollars to them.

Your customers are worth a lot more than what they just spent with you today.

YOUR customer list has a lot of value to the right person – even to YOU.

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