Online Brand Audit

Your Online Brand Audit

Your Online Brand Audit is what your prospects see before any direct interaction you.

BGS Online Brand Audit

The first impression most people will have of you and your business will NOT happen in person…

It will happen ONLINE – on a Google search, on social media like Facebook or LinkedIn, on your website.

For the most part, YOUR brand is what Google says it is.

You can download the very same Online Brand Audit Workbook that we use at Jubilee Media Group LLC for our new client’s business evaluation.

You can do it yourself, or we’ll be happy to do if for you – at no charge.

Either way, after you (or us) have done your brand audit, (if you want us to) we’ll offer our recommendations and a detailed plan on how to best update your findings – again at no charge to you

Ask yourself, “WHO do you want to control the first impression people are getting about YOU?”

Do YOU want to control what people find about you and your business?

Or, do you want someone else or even a computer algorithm controlling YOUR reputation?

Do you have a website?

What you need to understand is that having a website and having a website that people can find when they’re searching for your services, are two totally different things.

Your prospective customers and clients must be able FIND YOU, check you out, and LOVE what they find – or else they will go to your competitor.

Why You Should Do an Online Brand Audit

In order for YOU to capture the new business, you must first see what people are finding when they search for you and/or your product or services…

Then you must repair and/or update the information that is already online…

And finally, you must add the components that will make YOU stand out as the best and/or only option for the products or services you provide.

This Online Brand Audit is where you begin.

Online Brand Audit

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