Newsletter April 2018

Create Marketing Assets

(Jubilee Media Group Newsletter April 2018)

“When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.”

In my opinion, no truer words (the above quote) were ever spoken.

For instance, you probably see yourself as a shopkeeper, or eatery owner, or grocer, or real estate sales person, or chiropractor, or something along these lines.

And, if this is the case, the things you are doing, and the results you are getting, are not likely to change.

I’m suggesting you see yourself NOT as a retailer, or grocer, chiropractor or whatever…

And that you are NOT really in the business of selling whatever it is you sell.

What you really are is an INVESTOR.

marketing assets

What you really do is MULTIPLY CAPITAL by leveraging ASSETS.

Your assets are the products you sell, the vehicles you utilize to sell them – your brick and mortar store, your web pages, your marketing processes, your sales processes, your advertising…

And YES, this even applies to you if you are in a “services” business, like a plumber, or landscaper, or chiropractor, or attorney, or whatever.

Because, as long as you’re selling what you do as a “service”, you will always be an hourly employee, even if it’s you that “owns the business”.

The reality is, if you are selling your services by the hour, do you really have a business? Or is it just a thinly disguised JOB?

When you turn your “services” into a PRODUCT, your income will go up, WAY UP.

(It’s really a simple process to turn a “service” into a “product”.)

This is not really different from any other type of investment, other than the types of assets leveraged.

Real estate people leverage real estate, and multiply their capital by leveraging assets such as houses, buildings, land, and so on.

Stock investors multiply capital by leveraging assets like stocks and bonds, and so on.

So, some investors will invest their money in a house (an asset), in the hopes that they will be able to sell it at a profit in the future.

Other people may invest their money in the stock market and pray for the best.

The big downside to these types of investments is that you have NO CONTROL over the outcomes.

YOUR advantage is YOU DO have control over your investments in your business.

You can control where you invest your capital, just make a subtle shift in your thinking.

Instead of thinking about the EXPENSE of running one-time ads and promotions, think about creating advertising and marketing ASSETS that will provide you with a RETURN on your INVESTMENT (ROI).

Every day that goes by, you’re either making money or losing money – you’re positively doing one or the other.

You need to make every investment of your TIME and MONEY pay you back with a return on your investment (ROI).

There’s not enough time (or money) for anything else.

Always remember, it’s not just products and promotions, it’s ASSETS and ROI.

I know all of this may sound pretty far-out, and maybe hard to visualize, especially if you’ve not had any success with your advertising and marketing in the past.

It really is as simple as seeing your ad-spend differently – as an investment that should pay you, rather than an expense that’s thrown to the wind.

You want to know what you’re investing in and how it works.

You want an investment that is “evergreen” – one that will keep on paying you long after you’ve made the investment, and not just evaporate, never to pay you back.

Stop making advertising EXPENSES. From now on, make marketing INVESTMENTS – investments in marketing ASSETS that will keep on paying you a return on your investment.

This is what we do. We deliver RESULTS, not just another bill to pay.

Need help with this stuff? Got questions about this plan? Call me. We can help.

Mike Stokes
(225) 329-4989

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