Mike Stokes is a Baton Rouge-based marketing consultant and media executive specializing in the local family-owned business marketing space.

Mike Stokes Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Mike Stokes Baton Rouge, Louisiana

An LSU accounting major and family man, he prides himself in taking a custom approach to suit the needs of each of his clients.

Mike Stokes is at the helm of Jubilee Media Group LLC, where he works alongside his wife, Beryl Caillouet Stokes, who serves as Creative Director at Jubilee Media Group LLC and host of their production, Cajun Cooking TV.

Beryl Stokes Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Beryl Stokes Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Cajun Cooking TV is a beloved local production featuring Baton Rouge area grocers, eateries, and more to flaunt Louisiana’s favorite foods.

As an entrepreneur himself, Mike knows all too well the obstacles entrepreneurs face when it comes to branding their businesses.

When he meets a client, Mike gets to work by getting to know their brand and exploring unique and innovative ways to grow their brand and subsequently their wealth.

Mike Stokes is the author of “Retirement Income Secrets” and “The Mechanics of Wealth”, two publications that encapsulate many of his theories on wealth building.

For his clients, Mike brings concepts to life and turns them into wealth through proprietary marketing techniques and turnkey lead generation systems for their markets.

By seamlessly connecting his clients with audiences that are already looking for them, Mike creates success for his clients.

If you would like to learn more about how Mike and his team can help turn your idea into an asset, reach out today!


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Mike Stokes
Jubilee Media Group LLC
Baton Rouge, LA

(225) 239-5357

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