Massive Action or Massive Confusion

Massive Action or Massive Confusion

What all’s involved in building a strong business?

Most folks would say, “Lots of things.” or “More stuff than I can possibly do.”

Others might say, “Massive action equals massive results.”

I used to think all those things too…

Until my mentor, Frank Kern, pointed out to me that when you really look at the mechanics of selling goods and services, it’s really just a TWO-STEP process.

You build a herd of hungry buyers, and you sell them stuff.

That right there makes life a whole lot easier, doesn’t it?

So what all’s involved in building your herd of hungry buyers and selling them stuff?

It turns out, there are just four things that’ll get that done for you as well…

First, you need to have a great OFFER, something they want.

Second, you want to put your offer in front of a hungry crowd (advertising in some way).

Third, the interested people to raise their hands, and say, “I’m interested in what you have.”

Finally, the interested folks enter your sales system, by requesting your free information, or buying your front-end offer.

In my book, this is not ‘massive action”.

If you’re gonna take any massive action at all, it should be on these FEW things.

Need help setting this stuff up?

We can help.

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