Lawyers with Money to Burn on Ads

Are you struggling with a Low ROI Law Practice?

(ROI = Return on Investment)

Need More Law Clients
Need More Law Clients?

I can relate…

My business wasn’t going so great for a while either… but in the last year I got rid of my worst clients, quit chasing new clients, and ended up with a predictable flow of qualified clients seeking me out…

All because of a chance encounter with a client that was looking for something simpler.

Hint: I got off the “work-work-work” IN my business treadmill, and got my business to work FOR ME.

The Mistakes I Made…

I’ll go ahead and say it… I made every single mistake you can possibly make trying to get my business off the ground…

• I was trying to get anyone and everyone as a client.

• I trying to do everything. (If a client needed it done, I’d offer to do it just to get some business.)

• I was trying to compete head-to-head with the Goliaths* in my market that had massive ad spends.

You know who these guys are!

(I thought the only way to get in the game with them was to also spend millions of dollars on ads – but I didn’t have MILLIONS of bucks to spend.)

Lawyers with Money to Burn on Ads
Lawyers with Money to Burn on AdsYou Know Who They Are!

I was burned out from spending all my time at boring networking events where everyone was looking at each other as a target to prospect…

I wasn’t making enough money to “live the dream” and my life wasn’t fun anymore.

What my life had become…

Even though I owned my own business, if just felt like a job – a job where I didn’t even get paid sometimes!

There was never enough money or time for the things I wanted to do for my family.

I was doing good work for what clients I had, but I was feeling underpaid and over-stressed for the work I was doing.

I finally realized that I had to change the way I was doing business or get out completely and go to work for someone else. That would have been humiliating.

And that’s when that one client sent me a request that changed everything about the way I run my business.

How I changed my business forever…

That one client made me realize that I was “paddling upstream” – going against the flow putting in too work and spending way too much time chasing new clients, and not even making enough money doing it.

And that there was a much easier way to get new and better-suited clients that I was simply unaware of.

From that point forward, I changed everything…

• I “fired” most of my clients over the next 12 months.

• I started focusing on a single niche.

• I narrowed my business down to one primary service.

• I created a business that had “transferable” value.

This new business model has saved my sanity and my business…

Mike and Beryl Stokes
Mike and Beryl Stokes

And I’ve built a business that is an ASSET and not a JOB, and one that will power my lifestyle like a fine-tuned engine/

I’ve been sharing this process with a few fellow business owners and it’s transforming their businesses too.

I’ve written down the process in a step-by-step blueprint and I’d like to share it with you.

Download it now at NO CHARGE, and please let me know what you think…

(And feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have once you get through it.)

You can grab it here:

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Business Growth System booklet
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