Facebook Weekly Show Service

With Your Own Facebook Weekly Show
YOU Can Become a Local Household Name
And the Go-To Authority with Our…

Facebook Weekly Show Service

More Clients… More Patients… More Customers… More Revenue…

The entire civilized world is on social media. You can get whatever kind of client you want. You just have to decide who you want.

“This is the most powerful marketing method I’ve ever seen.”

If you want to:

  • Grow Your Brand
  • Build a HUGE Audience
  • Be Everywhere (your prospect looks)
  • Get MORE Clients
  • Help a LOT of People
  • Sell a LOT of Services and Stuff
  • Then this is for you.

Would you like to have your BEST YEAR ever?
– New clients on demand… More income…More time off with your family…
– Build a relationship with people in your community that are likely to need your product or services.
– Tell the story of your business or practice, and the passion of why you do what you do every day.
– Educate people on why and how your products and services can help them and how they can benefit.

Your Own Weekly Show – DIY or DFY

How expensive is all of this?

Less than what a good lunch for two will cost you. About $10 to $50 bucks a day for advertising your show.

You can’t even rent one billboard in Baton Rouge for that price.

Will it take much of my time?

Less time than one two-hour lunch per month. With our show plan, you can produce a full month of shows in one sitting.

I’ve saved the BEST NEWS for last.

Your shows are an ASSET, not an expense. They will continue producing results for a long, long time – long after your billboard is gone.

You can Do It Yourself, or We’ll Do It for You.

Either way, we”ll be here to help you.

There are only a few spots available for this service.
Call us today to find out more.

Mike Stokes, Publisher
Local Online Advertising
(225) 239-5357 office phone
(225) 329-4989 personal cell phone

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