Newsletter June 2018

The Jubilee Report:
For Local Family-Owned Business
June 2018

How To Turn Your Business Into
A 7-Figure Money Machine

Great businesses don’t just happen. They require a lot of work, foresight, and planning.

Most business owners are great at what they do, but do not have experience in MAJOR-LEAGUE marketing strategies and know-how.

In fact, the primary reason most businesses fail is because they don’t do marketing or they don’t do it correctly.

There’s a BIG difference between being a great optometrist, chiropractor, attorney, or other service provider, and creating a great business system.

Do you think McDonalds has the best hamburgers around?

No, they have the best marketing systems around.

Do you think Domino’s has the best pizza in town?

Nope. They had the best marketing approach in the industry.

We’ve created a unique “Five-Step Business Re-Invention Process” that will re-define, re-position, and re-invent your business to give it new life and a clear path to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted or will want.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is heart surgery, a restaurant, a law office, or a roofing contractor…

If you’re serious about wanting to build a business that will provide you with both the income and the lifestyle you want…

Here is an outline of that process, and the order the steps should follow:

Step 1: You’ve got to decide: What Do You Want Your Business to Do For You and Your Family?

1. What you really want.
2. What will make you happy.

What is the lifestyle you want your business to provide for you and your family?

This step is critical, because most people don’t know where they’re going or what they want out of life.

Any success, prosperity, and happiness they get are just by accident.

STEP 2: You’ve got to decide: What Specific Work Do You Want to Perform?

1. What you do best.
2. Who will you serve (sell to).
3. What you will do (or provide) for them.

You may think you’re selling a shovel, but your customer is buying a hole.

Step 3: You’ve got to: Deliver Something That People WANT

1. Create value (people buy value, not stuff).
2. Monetize that value.

You must add value to your product or service and “package” it to add even more value.

Step 4: You’ve got to: Determine HOW You Will Acquire These Customers

1. Generate leads.
2. Convert those leads into sales.

This is a process; it doesn’t just happen on its own.

Step 5: You’ve got to: LEVERAGE What You Do

1. Build systems and processes to do what you do.
2. Automate marketing and sales either through SYSTEMS or PEOPLE.

To grow, your SYSTEMS need to do the work, and you MANAGE your systems.

Our total focus at Jubilee Media Group is helping local family-owned businesses survive and thrive.

What can we do to help you with your business?

I hope these marketing insights help you and your business!

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA

Mike Stokes Jubilee Media Group Baton Rouge Louisiana
Mike Stokes

Newsletter May 2018

The Jubilee Report:
For Local Family-Owned Business
May 2018

You Can Turn Your Good Business
Into A GREAT Business And
A Daily Income Machine

Would you like to double, triple, or even quadruple your sales and the amount of money you put in your pocket every month?

This simple business makeover will do that for you.

Your Message

Basically, your MESSAGE is WHAT do you say to people AND what people know and think about YOU.

Your BIG Idea – Your BIG Idea is what grabs your market’s attention by presenting your “promise” (what you say you can do for them) in a new and unusual way.
Your USP – Your USP is what separates YOU from all of your competitors. Your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition is the answer to this question:

Why should a customer buy your product or service,
instead of buying it from anybody else that sells similar stuff?

Your Story – The value in creating a compelling STORY about you and your business is that it enables people to have a personal connection with you.

Your Market

This is WHO you’re going to sell your product or service to.

Your Ideal Client – This is about identifying, attracting, and doing business with the right customers. We’re talking about long-term success here.
Your Niche – You can’t be everything for everybody. If you think everyone is your ideal prospect or client, the reality is NO ONE is your ideal candidate. The idea is to choose a particular segment of your market – your niche, and set out to be the market leader – to OWN that particular piece of the market. Then repeat.

Your Media

WHERE will you find your IDEAL CLIENTS so you can deliver your message?

And, HOW will your ideal clients find YOU?

Your Lead Generation System

Lead generation is a more comprehensive approach to marketing that almost nobody practices. It will definitely set you apart and help you dominate your market space.

Your Sales System

Do you want fries with that?

Those six words are worth 6 BILLION Dollars to McDonalds every year

Your Sales Funnel – Your sales funnel is your KEY to maximizing your sales.
Your Lead Magnet – A lead magnet is what makes interested people respond to your lead generation ad.
Your Value Ladder – Your value ladder moves your customer along your path of additional product/service sales.
Your Ascension Products – Your ascension plan is a pre-determined path your clients move along from level to level of increasingly valuable products or services.
Your Continuity Products – A continuity program creates recurring income that can cover your overhead. A membership program or club is one of the best growth drivers for your business. When you turn your customers into members, you can maintain the relationship for life.

Your Follow-Up System

The highest return on investment you’ll get in your business is to keep your clients buying from you over and over again.

Your List – Your customers are your most valuable asset. You want to stay in touch with them. (And if you decide to sell your business, your database of customers could be the most valuable part of your business.)

Where do you want YOUR business to be 90 days from now?
What do you want to accomplish?
What are your challenges?
What’s stopping you?

Would you like me to do your marketing for you?

Let’s talk and see what you may need, and if we can help you get there faster.

FREE Consultation. NO sales pitch. NO obligation.

Mike Stokes

Newsletter April 2018

Create Marketing Assets

(Jubilee Media Group Newsletter April 2018)

“When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.”

In my opinion, no truer words (the above quote) were ever spoken.

For instance, you probably see yourself as a shopkeeper, or eatery owner, or grocer, or real estate sales person, or chiropractor, or something along these lines.

And, if this is the case, the things you are doing, and the results you are getting, are not likely to change.

I’m suggesting you see yourself NOT as a retailer, or grocer, chiropractor or whatever…

And that you are NOT really in the business of selling whatever it is you sell.

What you really are is an INVESTOR.

marketing assets

What you really do is MULTIPLY CAPITAL by leveraging ASSETS.

Your assets are the products you sell, the vehicles you utilize to sell them – your brick and mortar store, your web pages, your marketing processes, your sales processes, your advertising…

And YES, this even applies to you if you are in a “services” business, like a plumber, or landscaper, or chiropractor, or attorney, or whatever.

Because, as long as you’re selling what you do as a “service”, you will always be an hourly employee, even if it’s you that “owns the business”.

The reality is, if you are selling your services by the hour, do you really have a business? Or is it just a thinly disguised JOB?

When you turn your “services” into a PRODUCT, your income will go up, WAY UP.

(It’s really a simple process to turn a “service” into a “product”.)

This is not really different from any other type of investment, other than the types of assets leveraged.

Real estate people leverage real estate, and multiply their capital by leveraging assets such as houses, buildings, land, and so on.

Stock investors multiply capital by leveraging assets like stocks and bonds, and so on.

So, some investors will invest their money in a house (an asset), in the hopes that they will be able to sell it at a profit in the future.

Other people may invest their money in the stock market and pray for the best.

The big downside to these types of investments is that you have NO CONTROL over the outcomes.

YOUR advantage is YOU DO have control over your investments in your business.

You can control where you invest your capital, just make a subtle shift in your thinking.

Instead of thinking about the EXPENSE of running one-time ads and promotions, think about creating advertising and marketing ASSETS that will provide you with a RETURN on your INVESTMENT (ROI).

Every day that goes by, you’re either making money or losing money – you’re positively doing one or the other.

You need to make every investment of your TIME and MONEY pay you back with a return on your investment (ROI).

There’s not enough time (or money) for anything else.

Always remember, it’s not just products and promotions, it’s ASSETS and ROI.

I know all of this may sound pretty far-out, and maybe hard to visualize, especially if you’ve not had any success with your advertising and marketing in the past.

It really is as simple as seeing your ad-spend differently – as an investment that should pay you, rather than an expense that’s thrown to the wind.

You want to know what you’re investing in and how it works.

You want an investment that is “evergreen” – one that will keep on paying you long after you’ve made the investment, and not just evaporate, never to pay you back.

Stop making advertising EXPENSES. From now on, make marketing INVESTMENTS – investments in marketing ASSETS that will keep on paying you a return on your investment.

This is what we do. We deliver RESULTS, not just another bill to pay.

Need help with this stuff? Got questions about this plan? Call me. We can help.

Mike Stokes
(225) 329-4989

Newsletter March 2018

“If you have a strong Unique Selling Proposition,
you will NOT even have any competitors.”

What Makes You Unique? written in a note.
What Makes You Unique? Your Unique Selling Proposition.

Jubilee Media Group Newsletter March 2018

Don’t Spend Even One More Penny
On Advertising or Marketing Until
You Read This Brief Message…

This newsletter is for the owner of a local business, selling just about any product or service, and most likely serving a local market – such as a grocer, seafood or meat market, restaurateur, or other local shopping or service business.

Or, maybe you’re a self-employed professional, like a chiropractor, dentist, attorney, or real estate agent…

Regardless of your product or service, nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, can have as dramatic and as positive an impact on your prosperity as acting on the information you’re about to read.

This simple two-page newsletter could SAVE you thousands of dollars, and could even MAKE you hundreds of thousands of dollars or even MILLIONS of dollars over time.

I’m dead serious. And all you have to do is answer this one question:

Why should a customer buy your product or service,
instead of buying it from anybody else that sells similar stuff,
or not even buy the product or service at all?

There are several simple actions that separate “ordinary” businesses from extraordinary businesses that make their owners LOTS of money. And we’ll cover all of them in future newsletters.

But none of them are as important and critical as answering this ONE question.

ALL of your advertising and marketing should spring forth from this one key element.

The answer to this question is called your Unique Selling Proposition (or USP).

Your Unique Selling Proposition is what differentiates you from all of your competitors.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say, if you have a strong USP,
you will NOT even have any “competitors”.

You will OWN your market. Can you even imagine how awesome that would be?

Domino’s was an “ordinary” pizza joint… Then they created their Unique Selling Proposition – “hot pizza, delivered in 30 minutes or less, or it’s free.”

To say Domino’s became extraordinary with their USP would be the understatement of the century.

While all the other pizza places were shouting, “We’ve got the best pizza” or “We’ve got the lowest price pizza”, and going nowhere is a sea of competition…Domino’s was totally dominating the pizza business because they had no competition!

Subway changed their positioning from just another fast food place out of thousands of choices, to a weight loss program for goodness sake.

If they can convince people that a foot-long loaf of bread with processed lunch meat and a few vegetables is a weight-loss food, YOU can surely re-position YOUR business.

3-Day Blinds. Same-Day Dentures. One-Hour Eyeglasses. X-product for Bass Fishermen. “We’re number 2. We try harder.”

“The point of a USP is to take an ordinary business and find a way to position it so it is extraordinary and of exceptional interest to somebody.”

Don’t compete head to head with everyone else in your market.

Become the “only one” in your market that promises something different.

When you present a new opportunity, a new product or service, you don’t have to compete on price, because you have no competition.

When you’re a market of ONE, like Domino’s, you make the rules (and the prices).

STOP trying to make existing things that aren’t working get better. Change the rules.

Focus on a fresh, exciting, NEW business idea that will inspire your customers to follow YOU and YOUR business and not the other soon to be has-been.

Here’s a tip: Identify what advantage or result your clients/customers want the most.

You don’t have to change your product or service…

You just have to position your product or service as having a unique benefit they’re not getting from your competitors.

You can do this. There IS a USP with your name on it. You just have to find it.

If you need help determining what your USP could be, give me a call. Between us, we can figure out the right USP for your business.

Mike Stokes
(225) 329-4989

Newsletter February 2018

Do You Have Money to Burn on Advertising?

(Jubilee Media Group Newsletter February 2018)

Woman burning  dollars closeup
Do You Have Money to Burn on Advertising?

This Letter Is For the 99% of Local Business Owners
Who Are Dissatisfied with the Results They’re
Getting From Their Current Advertising

Do you ever feel like the advertising you’ve been doing is just a big waste of money?

Well, you’re not alone…And it’s not just you.

Most advertising IS a waste of money.

Let me explain why…

Think about it, when an advertising salesperson calls on you, what is it they are selling?

They are selling the only thing they have to sell – advertising space in THEIR media.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT faulting them for this, they very likely represent a good media source that has value…

What they attempt to do is “get your name out there”.

That’s called “branding”.

The reality and truth of the matter is, spending money on “branding” is typically NOT for small local businesses.

Investing in “Branding” is for HUGE businesses, like Proctor & Gamble, and General Motors.

Ninety-nine percent of all businesses should not even think about spending money for  “brand building”.

You can build your brand as a side benefit of your effective advertising and marketing systems.

Don’t spend money just to “build your brand.”

You need a LOT MORE than just having your “name out there,” don’t you?

You need hungry customers walking in your door hungry for what you have to sell.

Here’s another thing, there is NO one media that is the best or “only way to go”.

The best option to guarantee success of your advertising and marketing strategies is to diversify and get your message across in many different media in a coordinated campaign, including –

TV, social media such as Facebook, Google search, email, direct mail, in-store sales systems, and so on.

By covering multiple media channels, you increase your exposure across a broad spectrum of customer media habits.

You don’t want to just buy some advertising that may or may not pull in a few new customers for you today,

(But then you’re back to square one and you have to do it all over again, like Groundhog Day.)

What you really need is a complete marketing SYSTEM that attracts your ideal customer and keeps them loyally coming back to your business.

You don’t need to be running one promotion after another that is not building your long-term business goals.

What will pay you in the long run is to develop MARKETING ASSETS that will BUILD your business and your EQUITY over and over, again and again –

NOT one-time hit-or-miss ads that typically only offer sales or discounts on your products that DECREASE your income and LOWER your business VALUE.

Are the ads you’re running bringing in enough new sales dollars from the (hopefully) new people that they’re bringing into your business to make them worthwhile?

Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions about how you can attract more customers and sales for your business.

We are a local Baton Rouge Marketing Company, give us a call and let’s get together for a cup of coffee.

Mike Stokes
(225) 329-4989

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