Video Marketing in Baton Rouge

Video Marketing for Your Baton Rouge Business

Small business video marketing in Baton Rouge will help you get your marketing off to a great start.

Video marketing has really taken off in recent years. You can look online for all kinds of things and find a video on it.

Small business video marketing

Videos come in all different kinds of ways as well. There are “explainer” videos that show you how to do something, informational videos that show how you do something and entertaining videos.

All of these are great for your marketing.

A video is so much more powerful than words. And, it is even more powerful than an image.

The key is to have the video done professionally and have it look professional.

However, we have all seen those videos of people catching things on film, so that isn’t always the case.

Sometimes we want the video to look a little more unprofessional to get the job we are looking at done.

Who are we?

We are a Baton Rouge marketing agency here to help with small businesses.

We work with industry leaders to bring them the very best marketing campaigns and ideas around.

If you’re looking great strategies to get more clients through your door and more leads, we can help.

Our agency offers video marketing Baton Rouge and a host of other things as well.

Let’s get your business noticed on the web, get more people to recognize your name and know when they hear your company name, what it is about.

We’re located Baton Rouge, Louisiana and we understand the marketing that needs to be done behind the scenes to get your website found on the internet.

If you’re struggling for clients then you are in luck. We work with businesses to get more leads and ultimately more clients.

Baton Rouge Video

As a marketing company, we don’t just sell ads.

Sure, we can run your social media ads and Google ads, but ultimately we want to build a relationship with your brand.

We want to sell your business to your clients.

This is a process that takes a different form with each business.

This is dependent on many factors such as what your niche industry is, your competition and where you are in the process now.

Maybe you’re already with a marketing agency and you are not super impressed with them.

Maybe you’re paying for SEO but cannot seem to find your website in the search engines.

Well, you’re in luck.

We are an honest, trustworthy and compassionate business marketing group.

We’re dedicated to the profession of getting your name out there and known for your industry

Video Marketing for Advertising

Have you ever wanted your own Facebook show?

Maybe you like all those Facebook clips you see out there but need a little help on getting started. We can do this as well.

This is perfect for our video marketing services.

We can take your video and market it, you will see the power that video has.

Everyone is on social media by now and we can make your video show up to your prospective clients easily with our marketing strategies.

Your Pricing Strategy: Charge More Not Less

Three Simple Steps That Can Double
Your Sales and Triple Your Profits

Your prosperity begins with your pricing strategy.”


Do you ever think about just how many ways there are to increase your revenue?

A hundred ways? Two hundred ways? A thousand ways?

How could a person ever know where to start?

Well, here’s the first good news you’re going to discover today – there are ONLY THREE ways to increase revenues in ANY business.

  1. Get new customers/clients/patients.
  2. Get your customers/clients/patients to buy more stuff (and increase the size of the transactions.)
  3. Get your customers/clients/patients to buy more often.

There are lots of things you could do to increase your business, and you can do all of them over time.

But right now we’re going to show you how you can tweak these THREE areas in your business where you can make a few tweaks that will increase your bottom line profit to the point where your bookkeeper will think you must have started laundering money for a drug cartel.

Price Strategy Number 1

Get new customers/clients/patients.

This is what almost all businesses focus on.

And this is what ALL advertising agencies want to SELL YOU on.

(Because their only product is ad space, and delivering on Number 2 or Number 3 is very difficult – if you don’t know how.)

However, getting new customers is the MOST EXPENSIVE and challenging of these three things.

Yes, getting new customers is sexy and sounds like the answer to all of your challenges, I understand that, I used to think that too…

But I have learned that the PROFIT and the VALUE of a business is in how well you do Number 2 and Number 3.

Maximizing your PROFIT is the most important thing you can do in your business.

More profit will enable you to grow your business even bigger and faster, hire more and better employees, upgrade your business, and give you the funds to attract more new customers, and everything else you want to do.

NOTE: We recommend that you focus on your existing customers/clients/patients by taking action on Number 2 and Number 3 before you invest in getting new customers for TWO reasons:

  1. It doesn’t cost you anything.
  2. It will make the new customers you acquire even more valuable to you.

Price Strategy Number 2.

Get your customers/clients/patients to spend more on each transaction.

There are TWO parts to getting your customers/clients/patients to spend more each time they visit you:

Part One is offering add-on items and/or product (or service) upgrades to your customers/clients/patients when they’re placing their order or checking out.

“Would you like fries with that?”

Those six simple words are worth SIX BILLION DOLLARS per year to McDonalds..

Part Two is raising your prices.

(I know this may sound scary at first thought, but please at least hear me out on the this extremely important advice.)

You can never win a price war with a bigger and better financed competitor, so why try?

Let’s talk about Part One first (Add-On Items and Product Upgrades), I know you’re going to want to add this profit-booster to your wealth-building repertoire bag of tricks.

Add-On Items

Your “value ladder” moves your customer along your path of additional product/service sales.

This is worth repeating: “Would you like fries with that?”

Those six simple words are worth SIX BILLION DOLLARS per year to McDonalds.

What if you ask this question to YOUR customers/clients/patients?

Do you think you could add immediate dollars to your bottom line? Without a doubt.

Without raising your prices or advertising to find new customers/clients/patients.

(You’re leaving a LOT of money on the table if you’re not utilizing this simple technique.)

The cost of making the sale for the second or third related product or service is negligible compared to the cost of making the first sale, this really increasing your profit per transaction.

“Would you like fries with that?”

Make it easy for your customers to add a related product or service to their purchase at checkout or before.

Every business has something they can upsell to their customer:

Fast Food – “Would you like fries with that?” “Would you like to super-size that drink/fries/whatever?” “How about a milkshake or ice cream cone with that?”

Upscale Restaurant – Cocktails, appetizers, wine before meal. Desserts, coffee, cocktails after meal.

Car Dealers – Those guys are already experts at this!

Automotive Care – Check air filters, fluids, tires, belts, etc…

Lawn Maintenance – “Would you like us to weed your flower beds – apply weed and feed – apply ant control – whatever… today?”

Dentist – “Would you like a teeth-whitening treatment today?”

Chiropractor – “Would you like a massage today?” Vitamins or nutritional supplements – exercise gadgets – books – whatever…

You get the idea…

Always go for the add-on sale.

Once your customer/client/patient has said yes to the main purchase, it is a LOT easier to get them to say yes to a second or third.

Bundles can increase your transaction size (think McDonalds Happy Meals or Value Meals).

Your Pricing Strategy

Another smart strategy to do more business with each customer is to diversify your products and services.

Say for example you have a carpet cleaning business.

After you’ve done a great job of cleaning your client’s carpets, you could follow up with your client newsletter or a sales letter offering a fancy vacuum cleaner or air purifier.

Product or Service Upgrades

Your “ascension plan” is a pre-determined path your clients move along from level to level of increasingly valuable products or services.

You should try to have THREE different grades of product or levels of service – like Good – Better – Best or Small – Medium – Large or Bronze Package – Silver Package – Gold Package at THREE levels of price.

Most of your customers will very often buy the middle price point, IF they’re given the opportunity to.

Part Two: Raising Your Prices

“Only 5% of the business owners in any population prosper while 95% either struggle or fail.
The number one cause of a business’s slide from success to failure to going out of business over time is the erosion of PROFIT MARGIN because of a FAILED PRICE STRATEGY – NOT new competition or any other reason offered as an excuse.”

5% of the market are just looking for the lowest price. That’s only a small percentage of the population that’s price-sensitive…

Most people just want their car fixed (or whatever you’re selling) and they want it done right.

80% of the market will just pay the price you say and don’t care.

So why not work with the 80% that doesn’t care about the price, rather than worrying about the 5% – let them go to your competitors and drive them crazy, because that group is the biggest complainers.

Trying to please the lowest-price customer is just a race to the bottom and one that will bankrupt you to win.

Charge more, not less.

NOTE: We NEVER advocate discounting your prices as a strategy. It is better to RAISE your price than to lower it.

(Even if you win a price war today, you’ll lose it tomorrow.)

You can never win a price war with a bigger and better financed competitor, so why try?

If you’re going to give something up, don’t let it be your profit. Let it be the segment of your market that makes it’s buying decisions based on lowest price.

“If someone complains about the cost, you know that person is not a good customer.’

In just about every industry, there is a segment of the market that does NOT choose based on lowest price – in fact, a LOT of people will NOT buy the lowest priced product (they think it is inferior!)

So just charge a higher price, don’t hide the fact, maybe even brag about it. Just make yours a better perceived value.

Don’t justify the price, but the value.

How Can You Break the Price-Product Link?

Disconnect price comparisons your mind and the minds of your customers.

Forget comparing your price to your competitor’s price; compare your prices to the time, service, location, guarantee, quality, status, peace of mind, and other hassles of NOT buying and using your product or service.

Do you want to know you’re getting the best, the freshest, the latest, the whatever?

Do you want to we value your time know your time won’t be wasted?

Do you want the easiest and most convenient?

Do you want the peace of mind knowing that we’re on YOUR side, standing behind our product or service?

Do you want to support your local friends and neighbors and local economy?

You get the idea…

Price Strategy Number 3.

Get your customers/clients/patients to buy more often.

The highest return on investment you’ll get in your business is to keep your customers and clients buying from you over and over again.

Your customers are your most valuable asset. You need to stay in touch with them.

(And if you decide to sell your business, your database of customers can be the most valuable part of your business.)

It’s imperative that you collect their contact information and create a Follow-Up System to periodically contact them, so they don’t forget about you.

A monthly newsletter will work wonders for your repeat business.

A membership program is one of the best growth drivers for your business.

When you turn your customers into members, you can maintain the relationship for life.

A continuity program creates recurring income that can cover your overhead.

Think auto-ship subscriptions like Book of the Month Club.

The most important thing you can do for your business is to get your customers to know you, like you, and trust you.

When your customers/clients/patients know you, like you, and trust you, price shopping isn’t a factor.

Your Pricing Strategy Booklet
Your Pricing Strategy Booklet

If you’d like a hard copy of our Pricking Strategy Booklet, please call, email, or post a comment below and we’ll mail you one at no charge.

Mike Stokes
Jubilee Media Group
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
(225) 239-5357

Marketing Agencies in Baton Rouge

Looking for Marketing Agencies for Your Local Business ?
Here’s What You Need to Know…

There are plenty of options when it comes to marketing agencies in Baton Rouge. But it’s always important to remember that no two marketing agencies are alike.

Marketing Agencies in Baton Rouge

When you’re looking for a marketing agency in Baton Rouge, be sure to find the one that will work best for your needs.

Here are a few tips on how to find the best marketing agency for your business.

Marketing Agencies Need to Know Your Goals

When looking for a Baton Rouge marketing agency, be sure to identify your goals first.

Then, you can look for a marketing agency that aligns with your goals.

Most importantly, you’ll want a marketing agency that is committed to helping you reach your goals.

This is achieved through careful exploration of your needs.

A marketing specialist who asks lots of questions is likely one that is interested in being aligned with your goals.

For example, Jubilee Marketing Group, a local marketing agency in Baton Rouge, is committed to getting to know each and every client so that they can formulate a plan that will get the best results possible.

Your Marketing Agency’s Team

While there are a few options for choosing marketing agencies, their teams are all different.

You’ll ideally be looking for a team of professionals who’ve been in the industry for years with a lot of hands-on sales and marketing experience.

You need this kind of expertise and knowledge on your side to ensure that you get the very most out of your marketing efforts.

Look for a team that includes experts in marketing and business – real marketing and business success in the marketplace, not out of a textbook.

Your Marketing Agency’s Results

It’s very important that you find an action-oriented team with a proven track record.

For example, the team at Jubilee Media Group has decades of experience in growing local businesses.

Small family-owned operations have been transformed into multi-million-dollar operations with the Jubilee Media Group, and that’s the kind of power you want on your side.

Remember, when choosing a Baton Rouge marketing agency, be sure to get to know the company, identify your goals, and be sure that their team is ready and willing to help you reach and exceed those goals!

Mike Stokes
Local Online Advertising Baton Rouge

Jubilee Media Group LLC for Local Attorneys

Jubilee Media Group LLC Announces Business Growth System for Baton Rouge Attorneys

Local attorneys now have access to powerful small business marketing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Jubilee Media Group LLC Logo

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA, NOVEMBER 26, 2019 – Attorneys seeking out a powerful marketing agency in Baton Rouge have a new option with Jubilee Media Group, who have just announced the release of their proprietary Business Growth System just for local Baton Rouge attorneys.

When it comes to small business marketing Baton Rouge, Jubilee Media Group dominates by helping clients turn their businesses into moneymaking enterprises.

The new Business Growth System is a local client acquisition system that has been designed from the ground up to help clients get ahead in the local market niche.

With stiff competition in Baton Rouge, a smart marketing system for attorneys is a must, and Jubilee Media Group delivers. More information can be found at https://jubileemediagroup.com/.

About Jubilee Media Group LLC

Jubilee Media Group is a family-owned, Baton Rouge-based direct response marketing agency.


Mike Stokes
Jubilee Media Group LLC
Office: 225-239-5357
3033 Cypress View Ln
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Email: mike@jubileemediagroup.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JubileeMediaGroup/
Website: https://jubileemediagroup.com/

Marketing Ideas for Personal Injury Attorneys

If you’re looking for marketing ideas for your personal injury attorney practice, this will be the most important message you’ll ever read in that regard.

Marketing Ideas for Personal Injury Attorneys

If you’re looking for marketing ideas for your personal injury attorney practice, this will be the most important message you’ll ever read in that regard.

I will show you exactly what you can do to get a LOT of new clients, even in the Baton Rouge marketplace that seems to be dominated by a small group of personal injury attorneys that are spending millions of dollars on advertising.

You know who they are… They’ve got their faces on all the billboards, city buses, and prime TV ad slots.

Most personal injury lawyers in Baton Rouge think they can’t compete with these Goliaths due to their massive ad spends. They think that the only way to beat them is to also spend millions of dollars on advertising.

But what if there was a better way to get clients, WITHOUT the multi-million-dollar ad spends? And without having to spend countless hours in boring networking events.

Here’s how it works…

Best Marketing Ideas for Personal Injury Attorneys

What your personal injury firm’s marketing needs to do for you (in the simplest of terms) is to help prospective clients –

  1. Find you.
  2. Like what they find (YOU).
  3. Have a pleasant and effective experience (with your entire process)

Most marketing agencies in Baton Rouge focus on the easy stuff – designing cool logos and placing ads on various media that basically say the same thing that every one of your competitors is saying…

Which is, “Look at us! Here we are, we’re ready to take your case!

Most marketing agencies in Baton Rouge are ONLY focusing on the #1 – The “Find you” part. (Which is just one piece of the process.)

And where do they find their clients?

They find their pictures on billboards and city buses and TV spots.

But here’s the BIG THING…

More Marketing Ideas for Personal Injury Attorneys

How many people are calling those lawyers just because they saw the city bus go by?

I’m sure some are… But most people that need a personal injury attorney are going to want to CHECK THEM OUT first… To see if they “#2 – Like what they find (YOU).”

And this is where the smart work, the hard work, comes into play and delivers the new client.

The other marketing and advertising agencies are NOT doing the hard work, which is coming up with NEW and DIFFERENT marketing ideas for your personal injury attorney practice.

But this is EXACTLY what Jubilee Media Group LLC focuses on.

We Don’t Sell Ads. We Build Marketing Systems That Build YOUR Practice.

Would you like to see exactly what Jubilee Media Group LLC can do for YOUR personal injury law practice?

Get our Business Growth System Booklet – at no charge to you and mailed to you so that you can keep it as a reference guide on how to turn your local Baton Rouge personal injury law firm into a 7-Figure Money Machine.

CLICK HERE for your own Business Growth System

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Local Online Advertising Baton Rouge

Create A New Life for You and Your Business

Create a New Life for You and Your Business

Happy young woman coming out from a small box
Create A New Life

What we ALL really want is a NEW LIFE.” Are you ready to create a new life for you and your family?

When I read that somewhere, it really hit me like a Mack truck.

I realized people were not really interested in our stealth marketing strategies and services…

What they really wanted was for their business to provide a “new and better life” for them and their families.

And that is exactly what we were already focusing on, without realizing that is what our clients were REALLY after.

Now here’s the thing – YOUR customers and clients want the same thing.

What we do, is help you RE-DEFINE and RE-FOCUS your business to deliver a “new life” experience for not only you…

But also for YOUR customers, clients, or patients.

Your NEW LIFE starts here…

DOWNLOAD our FREE booklet and discover how YOU can create a NEW LIFE for you and your family today.

FREE Business Growth System Booklet

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Mike Stokes is a Baton Rouge-based marketing consultant and media executive specializing in the local family-owned business marketing space.

Mike Stokes Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Mike Stokes Baton Rouge, Louisiana

An LSU accounting major and family man, he prides himself in taking a custom approach to suit the needs of each of his clients.

Mike Stokes is at the helm of Jubilee Media Group LLC, where he works alongside his wife, Beryl Caillouet Stokes, who serves as Creative Director at Jubilee Media Group LLC and host of their production, Cajun Cooking TV.

Beryl Stokes Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Beryl Stokes Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Cajun Cooking TV is a beloved local production featuring Baton Rouge area grocers, eateries, and more to flaunt Louisiana’s favorite foods.

As an entrepreneur himself, Mike knows all too well the obstacles entrepreneurs face when it comes to branding their businesses.

When he meets a client, Mike gets to work by getting to know their brand and exploring unique and innovative ways to grow their brand and subsequently their wealth.

Mike Stokes is the author of “Retirement Income Secrets” and “The Mechanics of Wealth”, two publications that encapsulate many of his theories on wealth building.

For his clients, Mike brings concepts to life and turns them into wealth through proprietary marketing techniques and turnkey lead generation systems for their markets.

By seamlessly connecting his clients with audiences that are already looking for them, Mike creates success for his clients.

If you would like to learn more about how Mike and his team can help turn your idea into an asset, reach out today!


Do you have a question or a comment?

Would you like to schedule an appointment, consultation, or interview?

If so, please feel free to reach out to Mike today.

You can expect to receive a reply within the next 1-2 business days.

Mike Stokes
Jubilee Media Group LLC
Baton Rouge, LA

(225) 239-5357

Are You Tired of Wasting Your Money on Your Advertising?

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How To

Build Your Brand,

Get More Clients,

And Make More Money…


Even If You Don’t Have a Million Dollar Ad Budget



The Business Growth System

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What’s Your Customer List Worth?

Do you know what your customer list is worth?

The most valuable thing in your business is your customer list.

What’s Your Customer List Worth?

Most business owners don’t know this, and most of the business owners that have heard this statement don’t believe it.

Decide for yourself…

There are hundreds if not thousands of business examples, but take a look at this relatively recent one:

Why do you think Facebook bought Instagram for like a BILLION DOLLARS?

Instagram was not making any money, and Facebook already had the developers that could build their own Instagram.

So what did Facebook pay a BILLION BUCKS for?

Instagram had 30 million users at that time…

Facebook wanted that customer list, and it was worth a billion dollars to them.

Your customers are worth a lot more than what they just spent with you today.

YOUR customer list has a lot of value to the right person – even to YOU.

CLICK HERE to find out the best way to get more customers.

Newsletter June 2018

The Jubilee Report:
For Local Family-Owned Business
June 2018

How To Turn Your Business Into
A 7-Figure Money Machine

Great businesses don’t just happen. They require a lot of work, foresight, and planning.

Most business owners are great at what they do, but do not have experience in MAJOR-LEAGUE marketing strategies and know-how.

In fact, the primary reason most businesses fail is because they don’t do marketing or they don’t do it correctly.

There’s a BIG difference between being a great optometrist, chiropractor, attorney, or other service provider, and creating a great business system.

Do you think McDonalds has the best hamburgers around?

No, they have the best marketing systems around.

Do you think Domino’s has the best pizza in town?

Nope. They had the best marketing approach in the industry.

We’ve created a unique “Five-Step Business Re-Invention Process” that will re-define, re-position, and re-invent your business to give it new life and a clear path to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted or will want.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is heart surgery, a restaurant, a law office, or a roofing contractor…

If you’re serious about wanting to build a business that will provide you with both the income and the lifestyle you want…

Here is an outline of that process, and the order the steps should follow:

Step 1: You’ve got to decide: What Do You Want Your Business to Do For You and Your Family?

1. What you really want.
2. What will make you happy.

What is the lifestyle you want your business to provide for you and your family?

This step is critical, because most people don’t know where they’re going or what they want out of life.

Any success, prosperity, and happiness they get are just by accident.

STEP 2: You’ve got to decide: What Specific Work Do You Want to Perform?

1. What you do best.
2. Who will you serve (sell to).
3. What you will do (or provide) for them.

You may think you’re selling a shovel, but your customer is buying a hole.

Step 3: You’ve got to: Deliver Something That People WANT

1. Create value (people buy value, not stuff).
2. Monetize that value.

You must add value to your product or service and “package” it to add even more value.

Step 4: You’ve got to: Determine HOW You Will Acquire These Customers

1. Generate leads.
2. Convert those leads into sales.

This is a process; it doesn’t just happen on its own.

Step 5: You’ve got to: LEVERAGE What You Do

1. Build systems and processes to do what you do.
2. Automate marketing and sales either through SYSTEMS or PEOPLE.

To grow, your SYSTEMS need to do the work, and you MANAGE your systems.

Our total focus at Jubilee Media Group is helping local family-owned businesses survive and thrive.

What can we do to help you with your business?

I hope these marketing insights help you and your business!

Mike Stokes
Baton Rouge, LA

Mike Stokes Jubilee Media Group Baton Rouge Louisiana
Mike Stokes

Newsletter May 2018

The Jubilee Report:
For Local Family-Owned Business
May 2018

You Can Turn Your Good Business
Into A GREAT Business And
A Daily Income Machine

Would you like to double, triple, or even quadruple your sales and the amount of money you put in your pocket every month?

This simple business makeover will do that for you.

Your Message

Basically, your MESSAGE is WHAT do you say to people AND what people know and think about YOU.

Your BIG Idea – Your BIG Idea is what grabs your market’s attention by presenting your “promise” (what you say you can do for them) in a new and unusual way.
Your USP – Your USP is what separates YOU from all of your competitors. Your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition is the answer to this question:

Why should a customer buy your product or service,
instead of buying it from anybody else that sells similar stuff?

Your Story – The value in creating a compelling STORY about you and your business is that it enables people to have a personal connection with you.

Your Market

This is WHO you’re going to sell your product or service to.

Your Ideal Client – This is about identifying, attracting, and doing business with the right customers. We’re talking about long-term success here.
Your Niche – You can’t be everything for everybody. If you think everyone is your ideal prospect or client, the reality is NO ONE is your ideal candidate. The idea is to choose a particular segment of your market – your niche, and set out to be the market leader – to OWN that particular piece of the market. Then repeat.

Your Media

WHERE will you find your IDEAL CLIENTS so you can deliver your message?

And, HOW will your ideal clients find YOU?

Your Lead Generation System

Lead generation is a more comprehensive approach to marketing that almost nobody practices. It will definitely set you apart and help you dominate your market space.

Your Sales System

Do you want fries with that?

Those six words are worth 6 BILLION Dollars to McDonalds every year

Your Sales Funnel – Your sales funnel is your KEY to maximizing your sales.
Your Lead Magnet – A lead magnet is what makes interested people respond to your lead generation ad.
Your Value Ladder – Your value ladder moves your customer along your path of additional product/service sales.
Your Ascension Products – Your ascension plan is a pre-determined path your clients move along from level to level of increasingly valuable products or services.
Your Continuity Products – A continuity program creates recurring income that can cover your overhead. A membership program or club is one of the best growth drivers for your business. When you turn your customers into members, you can maintain the relationship for life.

Your Follow-Up System

The highest return on investment you’ll get in your business is to keep your clients buying from you over and over again.

Your List – Your customers are your most valuable asset. You want to stay in touch with them. (And if you decide to sell your business, your database of customers could be the most valuable part of your business.)

Where do you want YOUR business to be 90 days from now?
What do you want to accomplish?
What are your challenges?
What’s stopping you?

Would you like me to do your marketing for you?

Let’s talk and see what you may need, and if we can help you get there faster.

FREE Consultation. NO sales pitch. NO obligation.

Mike Stokes