Jubilee Media Group LLC

Marketing Consultants for local family-owned businesses and practices.

Our BIG Idea:
We Don't Sell Ads - We Build Marketing Systems.

Our Products:
The Business Growth System

Video Production

YouTube Content and SEO

What’s Your Desire?

What we ALL really want is a NEW LIFE.

The peace and happiness that comes from enjoying our work, greater income and wealth, increased status, and the respect of family and peers.

What’s Our Promise?

We will TRANSFORM your life by transforming your business from a JOB, into a real BUSINESS – an ASSET that generates CASH FLOW and creates wealth and security.

How Do We Fulfill It?

Your business pays for your lifestyle.

We look at your business differently, and as a result, we’re able to transform your life.

We will re-write the STORY of your business.

We will re-define, re-focus, re-invent, and re-package your “ordinary” business into an extraordinary business enterprise that works for you.

Our BIG Idea:

We don’t sell ads.

We transform your life by transforming your business.

We build and implement our proprietary Business Growth System designed to transform your business into a consistent and predictable market-share-dominating machine.

Our Premise:

You’re wasting your time and money advertising and marketing your business right now.

You’re selling the WRONG thing.

You’re putting the cart before the horse.

Here’s How We Do It:

If you were going to sell your house, wouldn’t you fix it up before you put it on the market?

Of course you would.

You’d probably paint it, clean the carpet, fix that leaking faucet, maybe hire a pro to “stage” your home, and hire a skilled agent to handle the sale.


That’s what we do…

We clean up your business and your digital footprint, create a coherent and compelling message, and paint a picture of your business that is exactly what your ideal client is looking for.

Because even if you get prospects to look at you, if they don’t love what they find you’ll lose them forever – along with your ad dollars.

We connect you with the customers that are looking for you.

We create a cost-effective way for you to get more business and make more money.

Mike Stokes
Jubilee Media Group LLC
3033 Cypress View LN
Baton Rouge LA 70810

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